Silenced Pistol

Silenced Pistol



The final handgun in our list (for now), and the latest one to be added into the game. It’s only available as Epic (Purple) and Legendary (Gold). The Silenced Pistol is a great option for close quarters combat when you need to be stealthy.

Silenced Pistol Stats

RarityEpic (Purple)Legendary (Gold/Orange)
Critical Hit Chance0%0%
Critical Hit Damage0%0%
Fire Rate6.756.75
Magazine Size1616
Reload Time1.31.3
Ammo Cost11

Silenced Pistol Epic

Usage Tips

  • Much more effective than the Pistol and Revolver, especially with headshots.
  • A great close-range option due to its impressive damage stats and fast fire rate.
  • ‘Silenced’ is perhaps misleading. It makes a small amount of noise that can be heard at short-medium range.
  • Over longer distances, the noise cannot be heard, often confusing players that can’t tell where they are being shot from.

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