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Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle


The second sniper rifle that can be found in Battle Royale, but less frequently as it’s not available as a Rare weapon. Just like the Bolt-Action version it uses Heavy Bullets as ammo.

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Stats

RarityEpic (Purple)Legendary (Gold)
Critical Hit Chance0%0%
Critical Hit Damage0%0%
Fire Rate1.21.2
Magazine Size1010

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Epic

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle Legendary


  • Use this instead of the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle if you can’t consistently hit your target.
  • It’s ability to fire rounds in quick succession make it a viable option for sniping on a duo/squad – providing you have team mates that can finish them off.

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